Our exhibitors offer a rich array of products, therefore, in addition to the wonderful flavors of the Istrian truffle, you can also find an abundance of delicacies from our region. The emphasis is firmly placed on local food and authentic Istrian flavors so get ready for maximum enjoyment.

In addition to our Zigante Truffle products, you can also find a wide array of various carefully selected products including homemade pasta fuži, a hallmark of authentic Istrian cuisine. The tasting stands offer the opportunity to try traditional Istrian prosciutto, thinly sliced right in front of you. As for other gastronomic pleasures, you can expect a wide range of cheeses, sausages, meats, olive oil, and a chance to toast with local liqueurs, brandies and wines.

Most exhibitors offer to taste their products directly at the stand where they provide fresh promotional samples daily.