Tuber Magnatum Pico
Season: from October to January
Origin: Istria

Istrian Tuber magnatum Pico, also known as fresh white truffle, is the most exclusive edible truffle in the world.

Magnatum Pico attaches itself to the roots of poplar, willow, hazel and oak, and the hunting season is very short – from October to December. It is also known as a powerful aphrodisiac, and its strong and intense taste seduces all gastronomic connoisseurs and lovers of supreme specialties. The white truffle is a wild mushroom that does not permit a planned cultivation. Seasonal hunting during a very limited autumnal period makes it even more exclusive and sought-after. Its rind (peridium) is smooth and ochre (light brown) or yellowish green. The gleba (fleshy inner mass) has a firm structure, initially whitish, then pale yellow, ochre brown, reddish brown, criss-crossed with many thin white lines. It has an intense aroma and a strong but pleasant taste.



The truffle should be cleaned right before use with lukewarm water and a small brush. The truffle is very delicate, and it must be cleaned carefully to avoid losing its valuable parts. Each truffle should be wrapped in a paper towel without removing the soil.


To get the most out of a truffle, it is best to serve it as simply as possible. Do not cook it but grate it or cut it finely to enjoy its unique aroma and fragrance. It pairs very well with pasta, rice, eggs, raw dishes such as carpaccio and fish dishes. For maximum enjoyment and strongest aroma and taste, we recommend that you consume them within a few days.


Carefully wrap each truffle individually in a paper towel. Change the towel every day. Store in the refrigerator at +2°C/+4°C in a container that must remain slightly open so that the truffle gets air flow. During the ripening process, other fresh products in your refrigerator such as milk, butter, cheese and eggs can take on the truffle’s unique aroma.