One of the fair’s most interesting moments is the participation in the guided truffle search, during which visitors enter the the Motovun forest. The largest habitat of these exceptionally respected mushrooms stretches along the Mirna river and the Botonega stream.


The price of the truffle tour si 50,00 kn per person.

Duration: 60 min.

September and October and November:
Every Saturday at 11,00 AM

The popularity of guided searches stems from ancient times. Numerous chronicles recorded the stories and accounts of noblemen who used to organize and participate in truffle hunting. At the time, participation in this exciting search, even only as a spectator, was an indulgence for the selected few. Today, we work hard to make this unique adventure and the experience of nature available to all our guests.

Truffle hunting is a special skill which requires exceptional attention, good memory, considerable experience, and extraordinary knowledge of every forest nook and every inch of the land. One of the core rules known to every truffle hunter is never to reveal the location of this precious tuber. The hunter is therefore always accompanied by his inseparable friend in this search – the hound. The truffle hunt starts early in the morning or it takes place at night, not only to hide from curious eyes, but also because of humidity which, while decreasing, intensifies the soil aroma to a maximum and facilitates the truffle search.