Grapes for the production of «Zigante wines» are cultivated on the rolling hills of Frasco (underneath the village of Kostanjica) facing the Mirna river. 

This deep and rich white soil combined with abundant sunshine of these hills give high quality grapes. Special attention is paid to vineyard cultivation and protection as well as vine load and grape thinning to obtain technologically mature high quality grapes. The Zigante family pays special attention not only to its vineyard but also to wine processing, nurturing and finalisation. The cellar is technologically equipped for both the production of young and fresh as well as mature and aged wines.

The production and bottling procedure of young fresh wines must be particularly emphasized in view of their storage in the inert gas atmosphere during the overall processing and finalisation. The bottling process itself is carried out in hyperreductive conditions (oxygen free wine).

On one side, it facilitates wine bottling with lower SO2, while on the other, it prolongs the durability and freshness of white wines. Zigante is prudicing six labels of premium wines: Malvazija Istarska, Rose Castagna, Cabernet Sauvignon, S.Stefano, Terano S.Stefano Gran Riserva  and sparkling wine Brut.


Many civilizations which inhabited the Mediterranean have a long olive tree-related history, the tree which has become not only the symbol of this territory but also the source of numerous myths and legends.

Due to its specific taste and colour, the Romans considered the Istrian olive oil one of the most respected oils of the Mediterranean, and its quality was celebrated in the verses by numerous ancient historians and poets.

Olive cultivation has become a part of the Istrian tradition and gastronomy, passed down from generation to generation. Zigante produces five types of extra virgin olive oil including native Istrian varieties – Istrian bjelica and Buža – which oil has a fresh aroma of a green olive with pronounced bitterness and spiciness. They pair superbly with vegetable and meat dishes as well as various pasta.

Zigante also produces Leccino and Frantoio oils, which harmonious taste of a green olive and aromatic herbs makes them an excellent pair to fish specialities and to ingredients with a more intense taste and aroma. There is also a specific Blend which gives excellent quality oil by mixing several varieties.

High quality extra virgin olive oil is produced directly from the olive solely by a mechanical process. Hand-picked and cold-pressed on the same day.

The olive oil quality has been recognized by the experts from the best world known guide Floss olei, who labelled Zigante olive oil from the Istrian bjelica the best biologically produced olive oil.

Zigante produces five types of extra virgin olive oil, including indigenous Istrian varieties – Istrian bjelica and buža – which give a recognizable oil with a fresh scent of green olive fruit, pronounced bitterness and spiciness that go well with vegetable, meat and pasta dishes. . There are also leccino and frantoio oils, which with their harmonious flavors of green olives and aromatic herbs combine perfectly with fish specialties as well as with foods with a more intense taste and aroma.

That specific blend that, by mixing varieties, gives an oil of excellent quality. High quality extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from the olive fruit exclusively by mechanical means. Hand-picked and cold-pressed the same day. The quality of olive oils was also recognized by the experts of the world’s most famous guide Floss olei, who declared his olive oil Zigante from Istrian Bjelica the best biologically produced olive oil.

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