Zigante Tartufi d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer) is the sole organizer of Zigante Truffle Days. All private citizens and companies whose range of products and decorations of the exhibition space fit the concept of this event, who have duly filled out, certified, and submitted the application for participation, and comply with event regulations have the right to participate. Winemakers and makers of other traditional Istrian drinks (brandy, liqueurs, etc.), producers of Istrian prosciutto, sausages, cheese, olive oil, honey and other beekeeping products, and other producers of traditional dishes and drinks can register to participate in the event.


A filled application must be submitted by e-mail no later than September 1st, 2022, to tanja.zigante@zigantetartufi.com or by regular mail to Zigante Tartufi, 52460 Buje (Plovanija) with note REGISTRATION – ZIGANTE TRUFFLE DAYS 2022. The application is considered valid when you receive written confirmation by the Organizer. If the exhibitor cancels their participation in the event or does not appear, the Organizer will charge them the entire amount for the exhibitor’s space and all mandatory requirements, according to the completed Application for Participation. If the exhibitor has existing debts, the Organizer cannot accept a new application. Exhibitors are provided with an exhibition stand equipped with a power outlet, a trash can, and an exhibitor’s sign. The size of the table is 150 x 80 cm. Additional banners and advertisements are not allowed and will be removed by the Organizer.


The exhibitor will provide a wine tasting to every visitor who presents the purchased TASTING COUPON (10.00 HRK with VAT included). Tasting wine glasses are used exclusively for the fair, and the use of any other wine glass is prohibited. When sending the application form (September 1st at the latest) the exhibitor is required to send a list of products they will present at the fair and the tasting price by variety or type of product.
At the end of the month, the exhibitor is required to send the Organizer an invoice for the collected coupons. The invoice must be sent to the following address: ZIGANTE TARTUFI d.o.o., Portoroška 15, Plovanija, 52460 Buje, with the indication: “ZIGANTE TRUFFLE DAYS – tasting coupons”. The coupons must be attached to the invoice, and they must correspond to the number of coupons recorded on the exhibitor’s account. Based on the agreed upon records from the previous paragraph, the exhibitor will issue an invoice to ZIGANTE TARTUFI and charge the amount of HRK 4.80 without VAT (HRK 6.00 with VAT included) for each coupon sold.
Please note that the fair is visited by important national and foreign partners and respected TV companies (media). The organizer offers them bracelets that allow for free tastings. We kindly ask the exhibitors not to charge for such tastings.

NOTE: The purpose of the event is sale of exhibited products so please take care of the cash registers. The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for conducting sales in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws of the Republic of Croatia. The exhibitor bears all responsibility and consequences for any irregularities found during the event. The Organizer bears no responsibility for the exhibition of goods nor for any damage caused by theft of products or equipment.


Based on the applications, the Organizer places the exhibitors in accordance with the planned and available exhibition spaces. The Organizer will assign and mark the exhibition spaces prior to the beginning of the event. If special circumstances require it, the Organizer has the right to change the assigned space and assign another exhibition space to the exhibitor even after the allocated stand has been confirmed. In this case, the exhibitor has no right to cancel participation in the event, make any special requests or ask for compensation from the Organizer, however, the Organizer commits not to harm the reputation or presentation of the exhibitors and their products.


The area opens for exhibitors at 8:00 a.m., and for visitors at 10:00 a.m. Exhibitors who do not show up by 09:30 and do not notify the Organizer about their absence lose the right to their exhibition space. All stands must be arranged and ready for display by 09:45 at the latest. Opening hours during October are the following: Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We ask exhibitors to adhere to the opening hours of the fair. The Organizer takes care of keeping the entire space clean, but the maintenance and cleanliness of the stands are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. At the end of the working day, it is the responsibility of the exhibitors to return their workspace into its original condition (exhibitors are required to remove all merchandise, as well as empty packaging; cartons, bottles, etc.).

If the exhibitor does not adhere to the rules of cleaning and maintaining their exhibition space, the Organizer will charge cleaning fees according to the mandatory request price list. The fair area includes sanitary facilities for guests and exhibitors, and we ask exhibitors not to use the facilities in the Zigante Restaurant, which are available exclusively for restaurant guests. The Organizer has exclusive rights to approve or deny the performance of any activities on the premises. It is forbidden to assign your exhibition space to a third party without the permission and written consent of the Organizer. Any advertising that disturbs other exhibitors or visitors, as well as any form of insult to exhibitors or visitors either/or discrimination on any basis is strictly prohibited. All possible disputes between the Exhibitor and the Organizer will be resolved by agreement. Violation of any of the Organizer’s rules will result in cancellation of participation in the event. In the event of a new situation or non-compliance with the General Conditions of Exhibition, the Organizer has the right to ask the Exhibitor to leave the premises and deny them the right to exhibit. In this case, the Organizer retains the total amount paid for the exhibition space. The organizer of the event prints a catalog for the event, distributed to visitors free of charge to promote the event both in the country and abroad.