Livade is proud to be known as the World Truffle Centre. This small Istrian village located along the edge of the Motovun forest, at the crossroad of the state road of Ponte Porton-Buzet and Oprtalj-Motovun, emerged only some hundred years ago as a result of hydrotechnical and irrigation projects in the valley of the Mirna river and the route of the narrow-gauge railroad called Parenzana, despite it having been the stop used by native boatmen who had transported wood from the Motovun forest on their rafts and batana boats along the Mirna to its mouth and the Bastija harbour.

This small and dynamic community was rather well developed at the time featuring the automated oil mill, a distillery and a gas station. Livade was also an important commercial hub due to Parenzana which facilitated the trade of indigenous products, including truffles, thus having become a central point for trading this noble mushroom from the very start.

Having dismounted the Parenzana line, Livade lost its economic significance only to experience its revival during early 1990s when, thanks to Oprtalj municipality regaining its autonomy and the visionary activity of Giancarlo Zigante, this small village became known worldwide, taking its rightful primacy.

Livade hosts numerous annual events and fairs, especially during autumn, including Zigante Truffle Days and Tuberfest, gathering distinguished producers of indigenous Istrian products and tourists from around the world.