In 2018, Zigante organized the  1st International white truffle hunt competition 2018

You could compete with only one dog without leash, and each dog had exactly 8 minutes to find eight white truffles. As time passed, each truffle hunter brought truffles to the judges on the table. The jury judged by the criteria: the number of found truffles, the relationship between the dogs and the owners, the constant finding, and finally the passion for truffles.

Dozen of competitors from Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary applied, mostly with lagotto dog bread. Most of them don’t do  classical truffle hunt, but plantation seeking. This year winner was Szalka the dog, bringing first place to its owner, Hungarian Balazs Harsagyi. In second place was Rudolf Kare from Križevci with dog Zara and third was Ivica Kalčić from Livade and dog Lola. The first three places winners received valuable prizes.